Route 1. Half Day Trekking + Elephant Riding

When: Monday and Friday
Difficulty: Medium
Trip Length: Trekking 4-5 hours. Elephant Riding 1 hour.
Pick up time: 8am
Price: 1500 Baht, 1000 Baht without elephant riding

This trekking section of this route lasts for around 4 hours and finishes at Ban Kwan Chang elephant camp where you will enjoy a 40 minute elephant ride around the outskirts of the jungle.

The Trek starts in Klong Son Village where you can see various fruit plantations then you head into the jungle, trekking up to a height of around 400 metres stopping off at a viewpoint along the way. After reaching the peak you will follow a trail around the side of the mountain and then head down to a waterfall where you can cool off and have lunch.

After lunch you trek a further 30 minutes to Ban Kwan Chang elephant camp which is the original and best camp on the island and associated with the Asian Elephant Foundation. After a 40 minute elephant trek Tan will drop you off at your hotel.

Route 2. Klong Prao Trek

When: Tuesday & Saturday
Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Trip length: 8 hours
Pick up time: 8am
Price: 1000 Baht

This popular trek is in the Klong Prao area which is in the middle of the island. You will start off in the fruit plantations at the back of Klong Prao elephant camp, then head deep into the jungle and up 500 meters to an outstanding coastal viewpoint looking out across Kai Bae, Klong Prao, and Chai Chet beaches. After taking in the views you will then head back down the other side of the mountain passing another great viewpoint, and then down to a river where you will have lunch in a picturesque jungle setting.

After lunch you trek 30 minutes to a secret waterfall which along with the viewpoint is the highlight of the day. The waterfall has several levels, at the top level there is a good sized pool for swimming and if you are feeling brave you can jump off the rocks into the refreshing cool water. Due to the waterfalls location, deep in the jungle, it remains off-limits to tourists on Koh Chang unless of course you are with Tan who will show you the way!

After cooling down you spend 2 hours trekking along a scenic river with several river crossings and ending up back to the start point where you can take a quick break and then transfer back to your hotel.




Route 3. Jom Mountain Trek

When: Wednesday & Sunday
Difficulty: Hard
Trip Length: 8 hours
Pick up time: 8am
Price: 1100 Baht

This trek starts in the north part of the island in Klong Son village, it is the most challenging trek that Tan does. It starts gently in the fruit plantations, then you will head deep into the jungle and up 650 metres to the top of Jom mountain, which is the highest peak in the north.

After having lunch at the top and admiring the stunning coastal views, you head back down the mountain to a waterfall where you take a much needed bath to cool down. After a cool and invigorating bath, you then trek another 40 minutes back to the starting point.

This trek requires a good level of fitness. There is a 400 meter peak in front of Jom mountain which you need to go up and down first, this is also the case on the way back when you head down to the waterfall, so you will be walking up and down all day. Tan has a lot of experience, he judges groups and sets a pace to ensure everybody has an enjoyable day and makes it to the top safely. 




Route 4. Half Day Family Trek

When: Every Thursday
Difficulty: Easy
Trip Length: 3 hours
Pick up time: 8:30am
Price: 600 Baht

This trek is suitable for families with small children or anybody that wants a gentle introduction to the jungle. The trek starts from Klong Prao village then heads out along the outskirts of the jungle where you can see plants and trees unique to the area. You will trek along the side of a picturesque river until arriving at a pool suitable for swimming and cooling down.  After relaxing and eating fresh fruit, you then trek to the back of Klong Prao elephant camp where you have the chance to see elephants taking a bath, then you head back to the start point where you can take a short break and transfer back to your hotel.









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